Serving the greater Pittsburgh area and using Industry leading products like Versa lok and Omni stone our Concrete Design and Construction team has the expertise for any residential, industrial and commercial project you may have. If you are looking for a company that provides superior service and quality, you need to look no further.

Providing Industrial, Commercial and Residential solutions, our Concrete Services include:

Concrete Contracting with expertise in:

• Spread Footer and Piers
• Auger Cast Piles
• Stack Foundations
• Grade Beams
• Caissons
• Swimming Pools, Driveways
• Stamped and colored finishes

Types of Concrete or Masonry include:

• Standard Concrete: Float, brushed or broom-finished
• Aggregate Concrete: Exposed stone for depth and texture
• Specialty Concrete: Stamped or colored
• Brick: New or used
• Block: Belgium, Versa Lok, Omni wall etc.
• Stone: Natural, veneer etc.

Our Equipment:

Pittsburgh Concrete Pros has all the necessary experience with regulatory specifications, blueprints, and plans along with the required excavation equipment to complete your project, including:

• Site Preparation
• Slope Grading
• Drainage ditches and trenches
• Dig out footer and foundation excavation
• Structure removal
• Demolition
• Debris removal

Pittsburgh Concrete Pros will provide all of your concrete/construction needs in western Pennsylvania. While we assure all clients the best service at the best price, all projects must be quoted individually. Please contact our office at 724-846-4292 or